BA (Hons) Business Administration

Birmingham City University (UK)

About Birmingham City University

With a student body amounting to 22, 500 students from a variety of countries worldwide, Birmingham City University has become one of the most highly ranked, large and academically diverse universities in the United Kingdom. With it’s student focused education, illustrious teaching staff and friendly environment, BCU is one of the most coveted sites of learning the United Kingdom.

Programme information

  • Same program as conducted in UK (Internal program)
  • Taught by BCU accredited industry expert lecture panel
  • 173-year- old prestigious UK university
  • 12-month duration with a convenient weekend schedule
  • Instalment facility or HNB loan facility available.
  • Direct BCU UK Identity Card
  • Access to over 62 million academic books and other material in the BCU e-library

An undergraduate degree is rapidly becoming an essential qualification in the business world. Entry and promotion in some of the most illustrious and attractive jobs in high tier companies are increasingly dependent on the acquisition of an undergraduate degree.

The BA (Hon) in Business Management programme is designed for students that are looking to cover all the fundamentals of business management, in additional to cultivating essential skills in critical thinking, research and creativity that will allow them to soar in the corporate world.
As business environments become increasingly complex, and the skills required to both survive and thrive become more imperative, the BA in Business Management aims to provide students with a competitive edge that is grounded in both the practicalities and theory of business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an in-depth and broad knowledge and understanding of a range of business related subjects related to the students’ interests and career aspirations.
  • Apply business theory and concepts to relevant business issues to deduce realistic and appropriate policy recommendations and conclusions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to undertake in-depth business analysis using appropriate theory and concepts.
  • Synthesise diverse knowledge related to a wide range of business functions and theoretical approaches.
  • Evaluate business practice and theory in different contexts and demonstrate the ability to formulate critical judgments based on a sound knowledge base.
  • Demonstrate the acquisition of a broad range of personal transferable and life-long learning skills.

BA (Hons) Business Administration

(15 credits)

Managing and Leading Strategic Change
(15 credits)

International Business Strategy
(30 credits)

The Real World of Management
(15 credits)

Making Sense of Organisations
(15 credits)

International Marketing
(15 credits)

Business Operations & Systems
(15 credits)

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