Ten reasons to choose the BCU MBA


The stability and the experience of the University matters, its as simple as that.  When a University has a 170+ year heritage, the Programmes and teaching methods evolve to world-class standards. Birmingham City University works with the industry to develop their courses, particularly the Masters Programmes. You will often find that UK Professional bodies have endorsed BCU Masters Programmes and offer full membership upon completion.


In a fast paced world, time matters. Personal life is as packed as your professional life and balancing your studies with personal commitments is a must. BCU MBA is designed for busy professionals and fits in your schedule to achieve the maximum. BCU MBA is designed to be delivered in blocks of intensive study followed by periods of self-review and assessment preparation.


An MBA is brought to life by the faculty that facilitates the Programme. It is of paramount importance that the faculty is able to lead the discussion and bring theories to life in the classroom. NEXT Campus takes pride in their faculty, drawn from industry’s best MDs, CEOs, and ‘C level’ senior management with impressive track records of working with global giants. The faculty is trained continuously by BCU to ensure a seamless delivery aligned to BCU standards, similar to that offered in the University.

In addition, classroom learning is supplemented by case studies and best practices presented in classrooms by notable business leaders.


Whom you know matters. The network you build while studying for your MBA will be an asset that you will draw in long after completion. With a faculty of industry experts, a pool of guests speakers of notable business leaders and alumni of over 500 students in various masters Programmes at NEXT Campus, your business network will literary grow overnight.

Networking and social gathering are a large part of your learning experience at NEXT Campus.


The world is full of opportunities, you just need to be able to identify them and more importantly, act on it. Whether it is building your own business or changing the way your organisation function, the curriculum of the BCU MBA is designed to give you the entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge, confidence and the opportunity to test your ideas.


With the BCU MBA you will study the same Programme offered in Birmingham, along with colleagues at BCU who follow the international MBA. This is not the case with many MBA Programmes on offer, as they build in a locally designed ‘validated’ section for many reasons such as cost or ease of delivery. Original University Programme content goes through frequent ‘modifications and updates’ to meet international standards. However, ‘validated’ Programmes do not go through such rigorous updates often.


The BCU MBA curriculum, designed and quality assured in UK, is reviewed at the start of each semester to ensure that content is reflective of the current developments of the subject matter.

The International MBA is designed keeping in mind that modern businesses operate in a true Global environment. The students are therefore exposed to subjects such as International Management, International Marketing etc., which help understand and manage, even a multicultural and global operation.


Studying for an MBA is a learning experience. It is not a one-way delivery where the lecturer talks and you listen (Advanced level tuition!). You learn from faculty and your peers. You learn through discussions, group work, through case studies and a variety of other methods suited for adult learners. This cannot be achieved with more than 35 students in a class!!

Your peers are as important as your MBA! The discussion, experience and the challenge they bring into class drives an engaging discussion that is both educational and fun. With the BCU MBA at NEXT Campus you can be assured that you will be sitting in a class of like-minded professionals.


After an year of intensive learning, socializing, time management and striving to make yourself better, the BCU MBA will make you ready to face any challenge that life throws at you. It’s not hard work always, exciting and entertaining student activities will keep you motivated and engaged throughout the year!

At the end of the year, not only will you find that your capacity has increased to a level that you did not foresee, you will also deal with business challenges with the mindset of a leader in an objective and analytical manner.


Think about whether you ‘know about things’ or you ‘know things’, there is a big difference in that! The BCU MBA is about knowing things and not superficially knowing ‘about’ things, which many do! MBA is about growth and transformation. It is about challenging yourself and your comfort zone. It is about understanding and seeing business challenges from a fresh perspective, as you will learn through the discussion in your class.

An MBA is about making yourself better…it’s not about the letters.

Programme information

True leadership in business requires a holistic and strategic view of the overall operations of a business. Those that prove that they have the ability to understand, develop and execute a broad strategic vision of a business, incorporating all aspects of the organization will always excel and embrace the prospects of high leadership and managerial positions.

From the highly ranked Birmingham City University, The Masters in Business Administration is an international qualification that will provide you with the sophisticated knowledge and practical skills to help you advance rapidly in the corporate world. No matter what your industry, specialization, or location of operations, the MBA will provide you with the business expertise you need to eclipse your competition.

In a world where every profession exists in a business setting and where competitive threats are abundant, the BCU MBA will help you stay ahead.

About Birmingham City University (UK)


With a student body amounting to 22, 500 students from a variety of countries worldwide, Birmingham City University has become one of the most highly ranked, large and academically diverse universities in the United Kingdom. With it’s student focused education, illustrious teaching staff and friendly environment, BCU is one of the most coveted sites of learning the United Kingdom.

Entry criteria

One of the following:

  • A degree from a Recognized University or an equivalent institution
  • An equivalent graduate level qualification from an recognized university or equivalent institution
  • A graduate level professional qualification in an appropriate field of study
  • A pre-masters programme approved by Birmingham City University
  • Other qualifications may also be considered case by case basis

Course content

Semester 1

  • Managing Marketing
  • Managing Financial capability
  • Managing people and organizations
  • Operations and process management

Semester 2

  • Thinking and managing strategically
  • International Management
  • Entrepreneurship and business venturing
  • Innovations and change management

Semester 3

  • International Marketing
  • Dissertation

Subject Semester Saturday Sunday
Managing Marketing 1 4:30pm -7:30pm
Operations Management 1 1.00pm- 4.00pm
Managing People and Organisations 1 9.00pm –1200pm
Managing Financial Performance 1 1.00pm – 4.00pm
Innovations & Change Management 2 4:30pm – 7:30pm
Thinking & Managing Strategically 2 1.00pm – 4.00pm
Entrepreneurship & Business Venturing 2 9.00AM -12.00pm
International Management 2 1.00pm - 4.00pm
International Marketing 3 1.00pm – 4.00pm
Research Methodology 3 4:30pm – 7:30pm

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It’s not just about the letters

An MBA is not just about the letters. It’s about pushing your boundaries, challenging the status quo, sparking innovation, learning from the best, inspiring fresh ideas…It’s about shaping your future and making the world better….

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