May 09, 2020

Real-Time Virtual Learning OPEN DAY

NEXT Campus, the leader in Masters Education has been at the forefront of developing Technology Assisted Learning in Sri Lanka. This was proven by the fact that NEXT was the 1st institution to take teaching online ahead of the government mandate to close universities. Teaching and Assessments have continued to date with zero downtime or changes to the schedule.

Social distancing will be a part of the new norm and the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff are of utmost importance to us. So we are prepared to offer the same in-class learning experience you would have at NEXT Campus in a real-time virtual environment, until such time that it is deemed as safe by the government and health authorities.

If you have been considering starting your studies and wonder if the current situation prevents you from a real learning experience, join us on a virtual 'open day’ where you can experience ‘Real-Time Virtual Learning’ for yourself