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About Association of Business Executives

ABE was founded with a clear social purpose to improve business education for aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries. This mission required courage, resilience, and the determination to make a difference - all of which have become defining features of the ABE Way.Today, 1.5 million people have mastered essential and advanced modern business concepts through studying for an ABE qualification, and ABE continues to play a vital role in helping to diversify and grow economies, reducing inequality within and among countries. ABE learners develop the skills and initiative needed to succeed in a global workplace where traditional structures of commerce and value creation are being changed or by passed completely. ABE graduates are socially engaged, ethical and responsible citizens. In this respect, the impact that ABE has extends far beyond our students, our alumni go on to lead change, inspire communities and build successful social or commercial enterprises all over the world.It's our proud 'first-mover' heritage and our ongoing commitment to help our members embrace the challenges of a dynamic, unpredictable, but more connected world, which make ABE a true pioneer in global business education.

Programme Information

ABE Level 5: Develops a deeper strategic understanding of business management principles and practical application. Modules
  • Managing agile organizations and people (Assessment by assignment)
  • Innovation and business performance (Assessment by exam)
  • Effective financial management (Assessment by exam)
  • International business economics and markets (Assessment by exam)
  • Operations management (Assessment by assignment)
  • Managing Stakeholder Relationships (Assessment by assignment)

Entry Requirements

We consider applicants on a case-by-case basis, allowing us to consider applicants who have a range of qualifications. Your offer will take in to account the qualifications you have and the required achievement level. However, in general, the minimum entry criteria for admission is as follows:ABE Level 5

  • 2 Years work experience and 2 Passes for GCE Advanced Levels
  • Or
  • 3 Years work experience and 4 Passes for GCE Ordinary Levels

Key Personal

Tuan - 077 11 77 685